Sourcing based on Item Classification

A generic sourcing rule based on Seller organization would be straight forward to configure within Sterling. In-case of a retailer who have classified the items and stored in different DC that would have located in different geo locations, and sourcing would be challenging.
For Example, an electronic retailer might have classified their items such as Laptops as “1 Man Item” and stored the laptop on a DC which is close to city. And items such as Smart 85 Inch Tv as “2 Man Item” and have stored Tv in a DC that far away from city that only can be transferred by truck.

Let’s see how can we configure the rule in IBM sterling OMS Participant hierarchy

Catalog Configuration
Classification Definitions setup

Classification Purpose Setup

Classification Hierarchy Setup

Sourcing Rule Setup
1 Man Handling Rule

2 Man Handling Rule

Catalog Load

Inventory Enquiry Result

The result shows that inventory is sourced from configured locations based on item classification. By this we can achieving sourcing based on classifications.

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